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Velcome to Karsten's Applet Page

I have changed the page to a more simple layout. This unfortunatly also means that all highscores - and support for these - are suspended...

You can still download all my games - and use them as you like :-)

- Enough talk; if you dont already have done this - check out the games!... choose in the menu on the left!

Here comes some facts about this site, the games .. and me - feel free to skip this part ... :-)

The programming of these games started way back in 99' where I was studing computer science. I found it to be good learning to create simple games...The name G5 is short for 'Group 5' - the name of my study group.(Later the domain g5.dk was sold - got a very good offer ...)
After my education I actually was hired by a game company to make multiplayer web games :-)

In the mean time I have changed job - still programming, but not games. Check my work site if you like :-)

Later the commercials on this page actually more or less payed the hosting - so the site stayed alive ... and sometimes when I miss game programming to much - I create a new game... but I admit my time is more and more limited .. so the chance that there will ever be an update is small.. But it has been fun, and I have received a lot of feedback from all of you! - and I still love to see a site with one of my games ... thanks!

Signing out..
Karsten Mandrup Nielsen

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